A Timeline of the Flotilla Universe

The below timeline owes a lot to my collaborators on this game’s development: Tim, Cameron and Nate. The below content was a history created by me to account for a universe we shared together.

While the campaign we played was ended prematurely, this timeline could benefit anyone looking to adventure in the Flotilla Universe. A world where the last of humanity are traveling through space at sub-light speeds desperately hoping their will be a world to colonize at the ned of it. The story obviously took a lot of inspiration from the new Battlestar Galactica as well as the society of the Quarian people in the Mass Effect universe.


Timelime of the Voyage:

August 11th, 2011 – HARPS (High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher) Confirms the existence of Gliese 370B and solid Earth like planet within the habitable zone in stable orbit around a K5 V class star approximately 36 light years from Earth.

July 2, 2054 – SHARPS (Super High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher) Confirms that Gliese 370B contains an atmosphere of the correct density based on its distance from the sun to maintain an average surface temperature of approximately 11.6º C.

March 4-April 26th, 2089 – Multiple sources confirm a catastrophic event for Earth within the years 2160-2170

June 5th, 6th and 7th, 2089 – On three successive days, A US-Japanese Government-Corporate partnership, a Canada-EU NGO and a China-Brazil State Alliance all announce plans to send ships into deep space to avoid potential destruction of the Human Race.

February 14, 2090 – The UN negotiates a plan for a joint colonization effort by all the above bodies and anyone else, who wishes to participate.

January 1, 2093 – The Joint UN Initiative for Colonization settles on Gliese 370B as the destination planet. Gliese 370B is chosen as the most likely candidate for a habitable world within a conceivable time frame.

August 3rd, 2098 – Russia completes construction of Slava and work begins on the first Colonization ships.

November 17, 2101 – The USA and Japanese Space Agency complete construction of Skystation 2. Work begins on construction of Victory.

December 25, 2101 – The first resource mining station is constructed on the Moon by China.

June 3, 2111 – Interstellar Dynamic Corp. begins harvesting Helium from space for use in the ships’ cooling systems.

January 16th, 2152 – The Flotilla Departs Earth Orbit

October 12, 2157 – An early attempt to reform the governing system of the Flotilla results in overwhelming support for the status quo. This failure is largely due to fear of loss of individual ship sovereignty.

July 9, 2166 – UltraViolet, the Engineering ship primarily responsible for communications, reports a sudden stop to messages from Earth. Only 14 years out from Earth, the Flotilla narrowly avoids endorsing a movement arguing to turn around and return to the Solar System. (At this stage the Flotilla was only .36 light years from Earth. So with only a 4 month or so communication delay, most people still felt quite connected to their Homeworld)

August 13, 2204 – A ship designed to harvest water from Comets, The Spectre, leaves the Defensive ring on an assignment and never returns.

September 6, 2281 – According to their reports upon arrival, the Retrofit ship leaves Earth Orbit on this date.

January 29, 2302 – The Celestina (also called the retrofit ship) arrives at the Flotilla’s location, having traveled for less than 20 years 6 months (Math Geeks will note that this is 15 days later than the optimal conditions estimate)

February 10, 2302 – Mutual Ambassadors begin quarantine off their respective ships. 2 high ranking members of Victory, 3 well regarded people from l’Union, the captain of Salvation and the second in command of Amani all moved into controlled quarters onboard the Celestina. Some unknown number of Celestina dignitaries moved into controlled quarters on other ships.

March 15th, 2302 – The Celestina is destroyed by a concentrated shot from the Salvation’s secondary Firing mechanism.

April 3rd, 2302 – The Campaign Begins